New Acc. New Blog coming soon.

Hello my beauties and beaus 🙂 I have been away for a while focusing on the real world. Now that it is a new year. This is a new start for me. add my new account. Scizzuah (Deleted my NikkiNikolee account for various reasons) and a new blog will be coming soon. I’d say hmm February? maybe earlier. Be on the lookout however 🙂


Welcome Back

 photo f569da5a-9831-44fb-abee-37c42a38e4b5_zpsa11d32b6.jpg

Description: Ello my people!!!! I missed yall 😉 Missed me any?! BETTER HAD! Anyways. I have been GONE for a while. I aint say no goodbyes or nothing.. I’m not going anywhere though 😉 SOOOO expect to see more great fashions from me and my models :* -Poof


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Ello Everyone ^.^ Been a long ass time since i posted huh? I know v_v did yall miss me ;o!! Trust me i missed yall lmao I just been busy ah with school and what not.. plus havent been seeing no interesting stuff to blog for you guys :p Antyways! hope yall had a good vday 🙂 and this shall never happen again lol. Gotta keep yall mfs on my shit v.v Had a vision today for this post though lol. Something simple yet edgy 🙂 and ofc I stay with glasses. They will never! get old. Enjoy!

Top: Pierce
Bottom: Ales
Shoe: Coochie
Nails: RiskeeDimenaR
Glasses: Ales



Description: I love this look 🙂 Baggy pants are a must have. yea they make your body tiny but if theres a print and its different.. BETTER GET THAT! Always make it that POW factor with a pair of chunky heels. Chunky heels can bring out any outfit as long as you do it the correct way. Enjoy!

Top: Low
Bottom: Pierce
Shoe: Ales
Nais: KimJ



Description: Im falling in love with Pierce’s shop evey day. I check up on that more and more lmao <.< Erhm anyways! This look is diverse. I put some flashy bottoms with it instead of something boring. gotta EXPOSE THAT SKIN SOMETIMES! And ofc the boobies gotta air out 🙂 and those heels! YESSAAA!! gonna end up poor buying those but its all worth it 🙂 Enjoy!

Top: Pierce
Bottom: Coochie
Shoe: Pierce



Description: 🙂 Hows everyone? Sucks that I had to revise my blog link. Hopefully that does not change the reviews that I get on my blog.. If it does, tsk tsk tsk to imvu. Besides, the spammers are still coming. Anyways! Idk why lol, but i Love this shirt. Its weird, but in a good way 😀 Enjooy!

Model: Trillluminati
Top: Shop Pierce